There are so many ways for brewing the coffee but the main purpose is to make the perfect cup of coffee which gives nice feelings of freshness. When people become bored from their work so after drinking a hot cup of coffee they become active to work more inefficiently. Whenever people become tired from work and feel cold so having a hot cup of coffee give them feeling of freshness.

Nowadays so many latest types of machinery are using in the US to make the coffee. Because each & everyone has a lot of work to do so these latest types of machinery saves time and prepared so many cups in the shortest possible time. This efficient machinery not only saves time but fulfill the need. If you have some biscuits with the coffee so it fulfills your hunger.

There are so many ways of brewing the coffee but the three most common ways which are using in the US are described below:

1. Instant coffee

It is the most popular method of brewing the coffee and it is used for so many years. Not only US people are using this but each and every country brewing this. It has prepared so easily by blending soluble coffee granules with hot water if you want to mix milk so put it into it & sugar as well. You can take it at the office, home or another place where you want.

2. Automatic drip coffee maker

There are so many new technologies are using nowadays in the US to make coffee. But Americans mostly use this. Nowadays so many features have come around the world like:

· Hamilton Beach Single Serve (It can easily make 12 cups of coffee)

· BUNN BT Velocity ( It easily make 10 cups of coffee)

· Mr. Coffee DRX5 ( It makes 4 cups of coffee)

· And others

People mostly use this. Nowadays due to latest technologies, we easily make coffee within minutes & easily serve to so many people. Automatic drip coffee maker operates by dripping hot water through the finely ground coffee, held in a paper or metal filter inside a funnel, then when coffee has prepared so you can easily get into a cup and enjoy it!

3. Expresso Machine

In the last two decades, expresso machine is using so much. A shot of espresso is made by forcing pressurized water, near boiling point, through tightly packed, fine espresso coffee ground and a filter. The dark brown coffee comes out and we put a little amount of cream on top and enjoy the hot coffee, which gives us freshness and we become active in cool weather. It gives us hotness in the cool weather


In the US, the weather is so cool, only a few months comes in a year when weather become hot, So coffee is mostly drunk by people. It has served at the workplaces, restaurants where people go to their friends & family. US people enjoy the hot cups of coffee in cool season with their friends and family on their weekends or working days as well. If you want to full day active so drink coffee in the morning.

Written By: Benardoundo

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