How Much Coffee Does America Drink?



Coffee has a long history of use by humanity is one one of the earth’s most widely consumed beverages. Coffee’s popularity is down to its rich aroma, distinct roasted flavour and caffeine.


Coffee is one of the biggest global economies in the world and is second only to the oil industry. Coffee is worth over 30 billion US dollars globally, with America alone consuming 6 billion US dollars worth of it.


One-fifth of global coffee is consumed in America. Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia account for roughly 70 percent of Americas coffee production. The United states consumed 1.85 cups per day in 2015, the most coffee overall in the world. Finland drank the most coffee per capita.


Where do most Americans get their coffee?


Most coffee drinkers report that they drink coffee at home. A smaller percentage drinks coffee from coffee shops or coffee specialists and the rest drink coffee at work.


Coffee shops are popping up all around us. These coffee specialists show an annual growth of 7 percent and account for a large part of America’s restaurant industry. This is due to the coffee specialist outlets such as Starbucks, Americas third largest restaurant chain. In a year-long survey, ending in May 2016, coffee sales by the cup pulled in 1.89 billion U.S. dollars.


Who are America’s top 3 coffee importers?


In America In 2015, Keurig Green Mountain achieved retail sales of 3.7 billion USD. They are undoubtedly the biggest coffee importer in the American market. This is largely due to the popularity of fresh coffee pods.

Restaurant Chains, Americas coffee distributors, account for another huge portion of American coffee imports (Starbucks is the largest of these). The rest is made up by private coffee importers.


What are the different kinds of coffee?


Even though there are thousands of coffee blends, there are only two commercially grown species of coffee plants. Arabica and robusta. Arabica accounts for almost 70 percent of global coffee. It tastes better and is considered premium coffee. Robusta is easier to grow and is, therefore, cheaper. This factor has lead to its use in instant coffee blends.


Apart from these two varieties, you also find coffee labelled bird-friendly, fair trade and shade grown. It is considered common knowledge among coffee growers that coffee grown in the shade has better flavour. This is the traditional method and only recently with the demand for coffee, has there been a reason to grow coffee in sunlight. Coffee grown in the shade is labelled as shade grown.


In brazil, which is the biggest global producer of coffee, coffee is responsible for widespread deforestation, and growers who avoid these practices label their products as bird-friendly.


Fair trade coffee is a concept that has been implemented to benefit grass level coffee growers. Fair rates are paid to coffee growers and the coffee importer has a direct relationship with the grower.


Almost all of America’s major restaurant chains carry fair trade coffee.


The future for coffee?


Surveys show that fewer young people drink coffee, however, a higher percentage of them drink premium coffee. With this said, Coffee is expected to continue to grow as an industry with more people converting to premium or specialist coffee every day.

Written by: Benardoundo

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