Top 3 Coffee Importers in the US



The USA is the country with the highest coffee import rate in the world. It is not easy to determine which are the top 3 but these mentioned below are surely in the top 10.


Royal Coffee


Royal Coffee imports from around 30 different countries around the world. They are suppliers for some of the top roasting houses. They offer cooperation with small shops as well as bigger clients. What this means is that you can purchase a single bag of coffee directly from them or you can buy in larger quantity.

They import different types of coffee from various world regions such as South America, Africa, Far East, Decaf, North America and Central America. Each of these regions offers special strains that give a special local touch to each type of coffee.

Their warehouses are located in Oakland, Huston, Madison, Seattle and Shanghai. You can buy it online, but if you are not that far away you can check on their website if the coffee that you want in particular is available in their nearest warehouse.

Crown Jewel is a special offer that contains a 22-pound coffee package that you can order from Royal Coffee which comes with a special letter of instructions and words of advice that were made by their special team. They call it their high-end coffee.


Coffee Shrub


Coffee Shrub is a company with one of the highest import rates in the US. Their import sources are located mostly in Africa and South America. Countries they import from are Brazil, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Congo. This is not the final list but most of the coffee comes from these countries.

This company revolutionized the way they distribute coffee by using smaller packages because of pragmatic reasons, even though it doesn’t pay off as distributing in larger bags. They describe themselves as “coffee lovers and anthropologists” among other words of description. What this means is that they do not intend to just run a business where so it happens they work with the coffee. They tend to introduce exotic types of coffee to wider audiences, especially for those in located in the US.


Cafe Imports


Cafe Imports considers their mission to bring high-quality coffee to the world market. They are not just based in the USA but also in Australia and Europe. However, they started in the US.

They import coffee from all around the world, traditionally the most from South America and Africa. Brazil is their top partner and most coffee types come right from there. However, they actively cooperate and do business with farmers from other countries such as Burundi, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hawaii, Honduras, India, Mexico and the list goes on and on.

They supply many different roasting shops and companies around the globe. Though they tend to pick top quality coffee they do not seem as a company that tends to exist on the market as a high-end company, unlike Royal Coffee. They appear to be more open for smaller businesses as well.

Written by: Michealtrump6

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